“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

All the insane things I have done for a job

dreamjob_crop380w_crop380wWe all dream about a great career and it’s so easy to forget all insane jobs we have had before our dream job become the reality. Off the top of my head, I once e-mailed the assistant director of a commercial I worked on as a production assistant after drinking a bottle of wine and told him I thought he was dreamy. He was very good-looking.

He wrote back telling me that he was married. I didn’t know. That was before I reached a ripe enough age to take notice of a man’s left ring finger. What a cow I was. He wrote that he would keep me in mind for future jobs – he liked my directness.

  • I was a server at a French restaurant in Rittenhouse Square in 2010. One time I was made to hand out champagne at a MAC store on Walnut St. in Philadelphia for a party we were catering. Handing out alcohol to complete strangers was easy and fun, so I enjoyed the experience.Later on the employees gave me a makeover – in all purple. I normally don’t wear much makeup let alone secondary colors on my face. Looking in the mirror after they had their way with me, I thought I looked like a transvestite but didn’t want to insult their work so I left it on.

Homeless to Harvard-Inspiring and Touching Story of Beating the Odds

The journey of life is guaranteed to present a series of challenges.  For some people, those challenges are greater than one could ever imagine.  Unfortunately, in the world we live in, there are challenges that can be classified as unfair, unconscionable, or unbelievable.

The story of Dawn Loggins is one of these stories that break your heart and bring you joy at the same time.  Having Will Power mean one is able to beat the odds of what’s presented to them.  We are not able to dictate the cards we are dealt, but we do control how we play those cards and how we respond.  Dawn Loggins is a great example of how you can will yourself to making your dreams become a reality. Dawn’s story demonstrates great strength, perseverance and resilience with a determined spirit to not give up.

Tips For Finding Your Dream Job

9422a17d71b883c689d51bd6eaf4c938There is a bit of misinformation that has permeated the minds of many working individuals when it comes to the idea of a “dream job”. It’s actually not as difficult find as you may believe. It may just be a matter of adjusting your thinking when it comes to finding that one job you could happily be learning forever through of course the right education, says Chris Johnson from

Here is some practical advice for finding your TRUE dream job and being a happier member of the workforce:

Mentally Throw Out Everything You’ve Been Told About What A Dream Job Is

Conventional wisdom states that a dream job is usually something you’ve never done before but absolutely know that if given the chance, it would make you happy. The dream job is perceived as easy and coming naturally.

Most of all, leaping into a career field that one dreams about usually requires no major preparation or considerations should the industry unexpectedly go under or other issues cause it to not work out.

How To Identify Unique Talents -Ask For Help

We all have unique talents, yet a lot of us are blind to them and are quick to identify areas of technical or professional excellence if asked what we do best.

Try to set some time aside over the coming weeks to think about your life using one or both of the approaches I’ll describe below, and in next posts.
You’ll be the better for it.

The aim of this exercise is to have your family/friends/associates identify your unique talents. Unique talents are those particular personal qualities we possess that set us apart from almost all others.

Very often, they come so naturally to us that we may not be aware of them or if aware may not even see them as anything special. Typically they are carried out with an ease and grace that is especially striking to the external observer. Recognizing these talents will give us valuable insights into what facets of our professional and personal lives we should be emphasizing, and may open the door to alternative career scenarios. We all have unique talents.

Is Cheating on School Tests Wrong?

Time and time again I notice that students are copying each other in high school (mostly just homework). They do this because either a) they don’t get what’s going on but don’t want to get a bad grade or b) they are lazy. A lot of the material learned in high school is never used again in your life. For the kid who wants to be an engineer, English isn’t his biggest interest. In fact, he’ll probably never need to know how to speak perfectly. Also, the kid who wants to do something with math as a career could care less about Biology. Or a kid who want to drop out and go for GED classes that are everywhere in the US if the school will become too demanding.

So is cheating wrong? To be honest, I really don’t think that copying homework from time to time is wrong. If you are passing answers around on a test, that’s a different story. However, like I’ve said before, high school is a game. Those who succeed the most in high school aren’t the ones who leave with the most knowledge.

Of course, there are certain cases when cheating is unacceptable. In college, when you are trying to finish your degree, you should probably not cheat. In fact, cheating in college usually just comes back to screw you in the end. But for now, in high school, the occasional copying of someone’s homework isn’t such a terrible thing. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to succeed, right?

Here is what my mom says about it:-)

What’s The Best Workout Music

c273035d5ca44822eb7a000db0f2918aI talk a lot about motivation here on my blog, with my clients, or in other articles I write. No matter if you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, or just try to live a healthier life, fitness and workouts are a big part of the deal. But what do you do when you just can’t motivate yourself?

There are lots of little tips and tricks that will help you get your butt from the sofa and in the gym.

You can ask a friend to be your workout buddy, you can join a running group or take some fitness classes, you can put out an old pair of jeans you want to fit in again to remind you of your goals, and so on. You tried it all but nothing worked? Okay, here is another trick that will kick your ass: Music!

(You can find a list of my personal Best Workout Music here)

I love music!! The right music has the capability to change your mood in an instant. Especially when it comes to working out choosing the right music is essential. While runners usually pay close attention to beats per minute to support their training, regular fitness training doesn’t require such meticulous selection though. Which type of music you should choose depends pretty much on personal preferences. It can be anything from pop, over rock, hip hop, rap, I even heard rumors about people lifting weights while listening to Mozart!

Blog Action Day – Let’s Talk About Food

Hi all!

Today is Blog Action Day. Every year bloggers around the world focus on one specific topic on blog action day to raise awareness for this topic. This year’s topic is FOOD.

Since this is a health and fitness blog it’s actually not the first time I write about food. 🙂 Instead of giving you a new recipe though I thought I will focus on something different.

Take a look in your refrigerator and tell me what you see. Be honest. Do you see any foods that are already expired? I bet you do. How much food do you throw away each week because you didn’t eat it, you forgot about it, or you prepared too much and didn’t find anybody to eat the left overs?
According to the Agriculture Department Americans toss more than 25 percent of domestically produced food each year. That’s almost 26 MILLION TONS OF FOOD!!! Other studies even found that the amount of food wasted each year is closer to 50%.

This waste of food has fatal consequences for our environment. Not only does the rotting bio material produce tons of methane, a substance responsible for trapping heat in our atmosphere (keyword greenhouse effect), it is also a cause for water squander. About a quarter of the yearly water consumption is used to produce foods that are thrown away. That is water we could save!!
I don’t even wanna talk about all the people who die because of starvation every year while we don’t know where to put all the food!

Being a hustler

Choose for educationBeing a hustler. But does that mean exactly? To me, it’s about giving 110%. It’s taking action and going after what you want. It’s turning problems into opportunities. It’s doing the work and manufacturing your own luck. It’s all about action orientation.

Whether it’s landing a big client, writing your first novel, getting that promotion, landing a sponsorship, hitting website traffic goals, or running a marathon; we have some big hairy audacious goals.

Once you reach the pinnacle moment that calls for a big celebration, what’s next? Will you still be celebrating 2 months later?

John C. Maxwell, a leadership expert, speaker, and author, has a sign in his office that says “Yesterday ended last night.”

It’s so simple but carries an important message.

Is Whey Protein Bad?

Many people who try to lose weight or want to gain muscle mass supplement with whey protein. And even though it is a well known and recognized product by now there is still the question in most people’s head: Is whey protein bad?
Before we can address this question and go into further detail I want to explain what whey protein is. This kind of protein is made of cow milk and usually emerges as a side product in the course of cheese production. Compared with casein, which is also present in cow milk, it is from higher quality and more soluble, so it gets digested faster.
We usually distinguish between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. While the whey protein concentrates contain anywhere between 30 and 90 percent of protein, depending on composition and brand, the isolated version usually has a protein content of 90 percent or more. The isolated form is also lower in fat and contains very little lactose.
Some of the benefits of whey protein supplementation are that it helps with weight loss and also helps to increase lean muscle mass. This is because protein in general plays an important role in the human body. It, for example, repairs body cells, muscles, bones, and provides the body with energy.

Why is cottage cheese good for you?

I am a big fan of cottage cheese!! Why? First of all, you don’t have to prepare anything. If you get hungry you just open the lid and start eating! I also love it because it is high in casein protein and therefore keeps you full but doesn’t have a lot of fat.

But why is cottage cheese good for you and what is it? I don’t want to bore you with all the details about the production of this protein-bomb. So let’s keep it simple and let’s just say it’s a cheese curd product and you usually find it between the yogurt and the chocolate milk in the supermarket. 🙂

Like most of the other products in our modern world it comes as either no-fat, low-fat or regular-fat variation. The important thing to know here is that most of the low-fat cottage cheeses contain added sugar. This is because low-fat products in general lose a lot of their taste (fat is a flavor carrier) and to fight the occurring tastelessness the sugar comes into play. So make sure you take a look at the list of ingredients before you decide for a certain brand.
Another difference is the curd size. Usually you can choose between small-curded and large-curded cheese. The difference is simply that the large-curded cheese has an added enzyme which helps build curds faster and therefore the cheese doesn’t contain as much acid as the other version. The difference in taste though is marginal.