Get a Head Start on Your Medical Career – Great Nursing Schools in Louisiana

Louisiana – or “The Boot” as it is known to its residents – is an excellent place to pursue a nursing career in the South.

The salaries for nurses in Louisiana are on average higher than those paid to nurses in the nearby states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Alabama and a continuing shortage of adequately trained nursing professionals means that while other professions may be shrinking in terms of job opportunities nursing continues to grow.

The first step to becoming a nurse there is, of course, choosing between the many fine nursing schools in Louisiana.

Where are the Nursing Jobs in Louisiana?

For graduates of nursing schools in Louisiana, there are employment opportunities all over the state but they are most abundant in cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport. According to figures from the LA state government, the average wage for an RN in one of these cities in 2016 was $32.99 per hour.

Where are the Best Nursing Schools in Louisiana?

A student who wishes to become an RN must complete an Associate’s Degree in Nursing and then pass a state licensure test. All of the nursing schools in Louisiana listed below offer such programs, are all fully accredited and offer financial aid to those who meet the requirements. If you are interested in learning more about any of them their school websites are a good starting point but a call to the admissions office may provide you with the more specific details of attending as they apply to your individual case:

For a full list of nursing schools in Louisiana, check out


Basic Facts About Nursing Schools in New Jersey

In New Jersey, as is the case practically anywhere else in the country, there are always job opportunities available for well educated licensed nurses at all levels. When it comes to finding nursing schools in New Jersey there are more than three dozen campus-based nursing programs that are available to students that carry the all-important CCNE or NLNAC accreditation to choose from.

When making the choice between New Jersey nursing schools it is important to first determine how far you want to take your nursing education at this time. If you are looking to complete a two year nursing program a community college may be your best choice but if you want to take a Bachelor’s degree in nursing to improve your eventual earning power then there are a number of nursing schools in New Jersey, both public and private, that should be able to accommodate your needs perfectly. In all cases, though, you will need to have completed high school.

Where to Begin Your Search for Nursing Schools in New Jersey

When you are beginning your search for a nursing school in New Jersey that will fit your personal needs one invaluable reference is the New Jersey Board of Nursing. Over the course of your both preparing to enter one of the nursing schools in New Jersey and your eventual studies then this will actually prove to be your go-to resource for all kinds of useful information. Their website is and not only will you find it to be a great starting place to find nursing schools in New Jersey but as a guide to all the licensing requirements, rules and regulations that govern working NJ nurses.

Where are Graduates of Nursing Schools in New Jersey Employed?

Over half of the licensed nurses working in the state of New Jersey are employed in a hospital setting, both in urban and slightly more rural settings (remember New Jersey is more than just the Jersey Shore!) While this career path is a very popular option and there are usually a good number of job opportunities available at any given time, it is certainly not the only career path available to graduates of nursing schools in New Jersey. There are a number of public and community clinics operating in New Jersey and on occasions, the willingness to work in some of them – especially those in rural areas – can result in acceptance to tuition forgiveness programs.

Another career option available to graduates of nursing schools in New Jersey is to take a position in a private doctor’s office. Some may find working in one of the many urgent care facilities that are opening up more of a challenge though as these facilities usually require nurses to become a huge part of the day to day operations and they undertake a great deal of hands-on patient care while working slightly more civilized hours than many nurses who work in hospitals do.

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