Tips For Finding Your TRUE Dream Job

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positiveThere is a bit of misinformation that has permeated the minds of many working individuals when it comes to the idea of a “dream job”. It’s actually not as difficult find as you may believe. It may just be a matter of adjusting your thinking when it comes to finding that one job you could happily do forever and of course right education, says Chris Johnson from

Here is some practical advice for finding your TRUE dream job and being a happier member of the workforce:

Mentally Throw Out Everything You’ve Been Told About What A Dream Job Is

Conventional wisdom states that a dream job is usually something you’ve never done before but absolutely know that if given the chance, it would make you happy. The dream job is perceived as easy and coming naturally.

Most of all, leaping into a career field that one dreams about usually requires no major preparation or considerations should the industry unexpectedly go under or other issues cause it to not work out.

In other words, much of what people have come to accept about dream jobs is more dream than actual job. As such, it’s important to let go of these false notions as to what is involved in getting a dream job. Not only will this likely lead to disillusionment and dissatisfaction, it may actually get in the way of finding your actual dream job.

A Dream Job Is What You CAN Do Well, Not What You Think You Could Do

Let’s say that a person who previously had no idea what a bimorph is were to find that they had a talent for designing them. As more time passes, they develop a passion for doing so and start their own company. If you were to have asked this person years ago what their passion was, it could have been a desire to build video games. This may have been based on their experience with playing games rather than actual know-how when it came to game design.

Often, dream jobs are based on what we assume we could learn to like rather than two other important factors. The first factor is actual ability. When you learn how to do something and do it well, you may find that a passion develops over time. It’s true that there are people who are stuck in monotonous jobs doing things that they hate. However, the second factor involves keeping an open mind. Being open to the possibility of enjoying a work task or career over time may help you foster a feeling of enjoyment and eventually you realize you’ve found your dream job.

Dream jobs are jobs that you’ve developed the skill for and then find you can do them. It’s possible to be skilled at something you hate. And it’s also possible to assume you’ll love something you’re not skilled at. But only the combination ever assures that a job is truly a dream job.

No true happiness comes without sacrifice. A desire for instant gratification may be standing between you and your dream job. To illustrate, there have been great authors who received hundreds of rejection letters before their first big success. Rarely do people luck into a perfect job without having experienced any negativity. So if you want to be truly happy, you have to be willing to put in the time.

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